Sjøvaag & Silvola

Pressefoto - (c) Jonas Sjøvaag

Juhani Silvola - guitars | Jonas Sjøvaag - drums

New album 'Alien Horticultures' out autumn 2019. 

Alien Horticultures - album artwork


Said about "Music for Cities":

"an impressive debut" - Eyal Hareuveni // "post-rock hypnotic drones bleed into every moment of Music for Cities. It’s the driving force of this compelling album" - Bird is the Worm // "music for damp, petrified asphalt" - Timo Kangas ( // "...knows no bounds" - Manfred Krug (


Buy it on Bandcamp (psst: it's on 180g vinyl) play it on Spotify or iTunes or Deezer